It Looks like there will be a Pink iPhone 6S

It Looks like there will be a Pink iPhone 6S

It would appear that Apple is finally breaking into colored metal iPhones. Two years ago, we saw the plastic iPhone 5Cs and there’s a rumor that this year will see a plastic iPhone 6C, but what about metal colored phones? The iPod Touch is a beautiful machine. Why can’t we see iPhones like that?

Perhaps, this year we will, starting with pink. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to Apple rumors. This one just seems so right. This is something that women have been calling for for years. It makes total sense.

Take a look at some pics!

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It’s also not unheard of for Apple to change up the color scheme on the S model. Remember, the iPhone 5 came in black and white. The iPhone 5S came in silver, space gray, and gold.

Source: Daliulian

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