Lumia Camera Classic vs Windows 10 Camera Comparison

Lumia Camera Classic vs Windows 10 Camera Comparison

I haven’t been able to confirm this, but it certainly appears that Lumia Camera Classic is going away in favor of the new stock Windows 10 Mobile Camera app. Now, keeping track of the four Lumia Camera apps is a bit confusing, so here’s a quick breakdown.


Lumia Camera Classic Lumia Camera Classic is the old Lumia Camera app before there was Lumia Camera 5. You can still grab it from the Store if you’re running Lumia Camera 5. You might also have it if you have a phone that’s waiting for the Denim update that will get you Lumia Camera 5.

Lumia Camera for non-Denim Lumia Camera for non-Denim is also for phones with Lumia Denim, just so you know. This is the old Nokia Camera app. Essentially, it’s the same app as Lumia Camera Classic; however, they still call it Lumia Camera on phones that don’t support Lumia Camera 5. It’s actually not the same anymore, ever since it got updated with a transparent tile and Lumia Camera Classic didn’t.

Lumia Camera 5 Lumia Camera 5 is the new one. It’s the one with a dedicated button to switch between rear and front cameras. It’s the one with Rich Capture. It’s the good one and it’s only available for Lumia 640, 640 XL, 830, 930, Icon, and 1520, despite the fact that Microsoft told me that everyone would get it eventually.

Lumia Camera Beta Lumia Camera Beta is an option for any device that’s eligible for Lumia Camera 5. It does all of the things you would expect a beta to do.

Last week, I compared Lumia Camera Classic to Lumia Camera 5. There were some differences there, but not as much as I expected. This is the second part in the series. Next will be a comparison of Lumia Camera 5 and the Windows 10 Mobile Camera app.

It worries me that Lumia Camera is going away, but it also excites me because the current stock Camera app is so bad. HTC makes their own camera app, as does Samsung, LG, and of course, Microsoft; however, smaller companies like Yezz make these amazing phones but they are forced to use this terrible Camera app, which will be much better very soon.

Let’s dive right in. All Lumia Camera Classic photos were taken with a Nokia Lumia 930 and all Windows 10 Mobile Camera photos were taken with a Nokia Lumia Icon.

Lumia Camera Classic Windows 10 Mobile Camera

Obviously, there are no massive differences here. That’s not surprising. I do notice that it doesn’t balance colors exactly the same.

There’s also a big difference in the functionality of the two camera apps. Lumia Camera Classic uses the Pureview technology here, which means that it takes a 20 MP photo and oversamples it down to a 5 MP photo, since Nokia thought that the perfect image was 5 MP.

The Windows 10 Mobile Camera app only takes 20 MP photos, which has pros and cons. The good part is that it’s easier to access the full resolution photos. The bad part is that it takes up more space on your device.

This isn’t really an issue that you have to worry about. If you’re using a Pureview device, you’ll be using Lumia Camera 5, or at least Microsoft expects that you are.

There are, however, still issues with Rich Capture. Let’s look at that.

[image-comparator left=”” right=”” width=”100%” left_alt=”Lumia Camera 5 Rich Capture” right_alt=”Windows 10 Mobile Rich Capture” classes=”hover”][/image-comparator]

Lumia Camera 5 – Windows 10 Mobile

This is really something that I should have saved for the Lumia Camera 5 vs Windows 10 Mobile Camera comparison, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Now, let’s look at the front camera.

As we can see, there are no major changes here. I’m not 100% just yet, but I think that Lumia Camera Classic is in good hands with Windows 10 Mobile.

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  • Mota

    Muy bueno tu articulo, me sacaste dudas que las paginas en español no comentaban.

  • Raul

    I use a Lumia 640 XL and I’m unsatisfied with the “adding finishing touches” of Windows Camera. This ruins the photo.

    I try to sideload Lumia Camera Classic in W10M (after enabling Developers Mode) by opening the xap in File explorer but it didn’t work.