This is how Bad OnePlus Customer Service Is

This is how Bad OnePlus Customer Service Is

By Rich W Woods

The OnePlus One was possibly the hottest phone of 2014. This was due to the fact that it was a full flagship phone for half of the price of competitors, as well as the infamous invite system.

While the OnePlus One is undoubtedly a fantastic phone, it quickly became known as a “buy at your own risk” phone. It might cost half the price of competing phones, but OnePlus support is a joke and the warranty basically doesn’t cover anything.

I’ve had numerous dealings with OnePlus support. The first time was when I first got the phone and I realized that multitouch didn’t work. I filled out the online form, as there is no live chat or phone number to call, and they responded two weeks later. Their response was basically to wait for a software update that would come a month later.

Obviously, that’s unacceptable. I review smart phones for a living, so I have a backup phone I can use, but what about folks that have a OnePlus One as their only phone?

Another time I dealt with OnePlus customer support was when the SIM slot stopped working. I contacted them about it and they wanted $177.50 to fix the SIM slot. That’s half the price of the phone.

I started wondering if the warranty covers anything.

If you follow For the Love of Tech, you’ve seen over 30 camera comparisons that I’ve done with the OnePlus One. One thing that always looks terrible is nighttime photos when the flash is used. Readers have told me that it’s not supposed to look that way but no one was ever able to actually provide me with a sample of them using the flash and it not looking so terrible. Here’s an example:

OnePlus One with Flash
OnePlus One with Flash

Finally, a reader sent me some photos he took at night with the flash that didn’t look like the photo above. I had what I needed to contact OnePlus support. Here’s what happened:

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7 Capture8 Capture9 Capture10 Capture11 Capture12 Capture13 Capture14 Capture15 Capture16 Capture17


Note the dates here. It took them two weeks to respond to my initial request, and once they finally did, they respond about once a day until finally they just began to ignore me.

This is my ultimate proof that the OnePlus One is a BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK phone. It is not a phone for the mainstream and obviously OnePlus customer service is not ready for the mainstream, which raises questions about whether or not OnePlus can handle the mainstream with the OnePlus Two.

Nevertheless, DO NOT purchase a OnePlus One unless you’re willing to take a risk. I’m sure many will comment on this post, stating that they don’t mind the risk because they like to tackle issues with their phone themselves and that’s great. Many OnePlus One owners are DIYers.

Just don’t get caught up in the mix of the people that say “All of those other evil, greedy companies only care about money and OnePlus just wants to give you a great phone at a great price.” It’s not true. That low price obviously comes from somewhere.

The lesson to learn here is buyer beware, and I am publishing this to help you to do just that.

About the author
Rich Woods

Being a computer programmer wasn't enough to fulfill his love of technology. In 2013, Rich founded For the Love of Tech and has been writing about his love of tech ever since.

  • Ved

    Wow…I am shocked. I am glad I did not buy one of these-frankly put chepos…This is worser than the worst….Thanks for sharing this….

    I hope everyone starts understanding….If something is too good to be true then it is too good to be true…

    • rwoods716

      Yea you’re probably better off. I couldn’t imagine, if I didn’t have a million smart phones and I bought the OnePlus One as my only phone…

      • Tom Esendam

        I’ve had way way worse with both Samsung and LG my LG Optimus 4x HD didn’t function on arrival and it took them 2 months to “fix” it wich they didn’t it was a new phone and Samsung refused all together when my phones speaker didn’t work so one plus is doing a great job here

  • Tom Esendam

    Well I had to deal with them and they sended me a new phone in one week they where great!

    • rwoods716

      Well, thanks to the support from the community, they are sending me a new phone!

      • WMP

        Hello there. I am currently in a same situation, my screen just stopped responsing to touch and it’s clearly a hardware default. I’ve been in a useless and frustraiting email chain for 3 weeks now with more than 5 different names responding with same, copy-paste texts and not answering my questions at all. All this time I have been without a working phone. Do you have any tips on what could I do to just make them send me a new, working phone? I am really getting tired of this, and I’m about to give up, but I believe this is just what they want me to do, and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction. Any tips will be appreciated!

        • Yea I do. Go to the forums. The moderators can actually help you with your RMA request. Other than that, have you tried flashing a different ROM or reflashing COS?

  • Did the new one work? I just bought their headphones that also don’t work as advertised and its been a pain in the @$$. Won’t be buying their oneplus 2 after all… Shame

    • rwoods716

      Yea it works. What a terrible company. I’ve seen this strategy from Chinese companies before though. They sell a phone with high end specs for cheap and they provide no support, don’t replace defective units, etc.

  • Luis Sanchez Benito

    Well this was an absolutely fantastic phone as long as it worked!!
    The hardware was solid and had a premium feel, there was a lot to play with on OS level + very configurable for a techie person like me…
    I was all over this phone playing around with it, deep technical settings but it is also very configurable for simple users who only go trough through GUI etc.
    I liked the various versions of CyanogenMod as well…. overall I was very happy.

    But now…. here is the BAD news 🙁
    Suddenly it died on me at a hardware level (SIM card not detected).
    And the support was the worst I have seen and experienced with any company or service in my entire life,
    I submitted a ticket last week and I only had one reply so far for my issue.
    Now, the reply was useless anyway, all he asked me to do was in my original submission already. Thus the fact that the “technician” did not even read such crucial information I passed to them BEFORE he replied to me leaves my confidence with this company EXTREMELY low.

    I am still waiting for a reply even though I updated the ticket a number of times over the last week. And looking at all the issues people have with warranty and support on the oneplus I expect the worst 🙁
    (Just Google for OnePlus and support and you will find a number of horror stories around).

    This phone and the company could have been such a hit + success, but their customer service + technical support has let them down in a big way.
    And even IF they fix my phone, well I now doubt I will ever buy anything from them ever again….
    Its a shame, because oneplus could have become something great… if they only did the things right in the first place.

    • Yea, that was really the point here. You fill out a ticket, they get back to you in two weeks, and then you get meaningless emails once a day. You would think that if they’re going to communicate once a day, it would be meaningful, but no. I had the same problem, that the SIM slot stopped working. They wanted $177.50 (half the price of the phone itself) to fix the SIM slot.

  • Cel

    AH! Why didn’t I follow my instincts! I didn’t want to go mainstream. I didn’t want an iphone. I didn’t want to spend too much on a phone either…and I did. Everyone laughed at me for expecting so much from a cheap, unknown phone. It lasted me a whole 5 months when during a reboot the One Plus One totally died. I checked around, and I am not a techie, and people posted information on how to “unbrick” it. I cannot download all of those zip files without know what to do. So I contacted support and it has been a nightmare where I get lost with misinformation. Wait and wait, and a week without a phone. I checked for my old phone and there it was, waiting still for me, forever loyal. But my old phone is old. Then there are emails after emails …and the process has just been a waste of time and energy. I cannot believe how I was duped and One Plus support continues to give me the runaround…”Hi, Cel… sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you”…but do something! Do not purchase this phone, there is no clear warranty.

  • Jo

    This is ABSOLUTELY True. My phone stopped working on 11/20/15 and I am still waiting for them to send the mailing label. Their Customer Service team moves with no urgency, they flatout don’t care.

    • Atlanta GA

      I am in a similar predicament. I am also waiting on the mailing label. Going on 4 weeks now. The OnePlus Customer Service team is unable to assist and/or just flat out doesn’t care.

  • Peter Draxler

    I waited for two hours for Live Chat on Monday just to find myself in Chat room with nobody to chat with, lol. After that opened a ticket with them and they sent me link for remote session . After opening the link I found all the days they provided to be unavailable. I took screens of all this and email them back if that’s some kind of a joke and got response two days later to keep checking the link to see if someones maybe cancels their appointment so I can get in their slot ?! At this point i filled claim with PayPal since i bought the phone only 4 months ago . Hopefully I can get my money back .

    • That sucks man. OnePlus has live chat now? That’s surprising. I’ve stopped paying attention to them. I refuse to report on them and I refuse to review their products.

  • Torchok

    I was put off by the way this company handled the first One Plus in terms of launching, invites and customer service, but thought I’d give the OPT a try. Why not right? Seems like a good phone, and there’s no way a company would still have such poor service right? Wrong. I’m having unresponsive touch screen areas, and after a half an hour waiting for chat (which isn’t bad compared others experiences), I got the typical reboot and reset runaround and they even refused to open a repair ticket just in case! I’m just experiencing the start of their customer service and it isn’t good. Worst case scenario I will have to sell the phone and just cut the losses and move on. Never dealing with this joke of a company again. I should have listened to the horror stories instead of experiencing them myself. Live and learn huh!

    • Sorry man. But listen, there’s something you need to do. You need to talk about this as much as you can. Personally, I find it sickening that while OnePlus customers talk about this, no major tech blog talks about it at all. They praise OnePlus for making phones with good hardware but totally ignore the fact that they treat their customers like crap. Given that many expect OnePlus to revolutionize the U.S. phone market, most don’t realize that this revolution might make the U.S. market more like the Chinese market, which is to say great specs at a low price and not getting any support.

  • widu13

    I had a very similar experience. I say had, it’s not yet resolved!

    • Alexander Arthur

      Yup – me too. It literally feels like their customer service reps are deliberately employing delay tactics in the hope that if they inconvenience you enough, you’ll just give up and go away. I gotta say though, my experience dragged on a lot longer than the above one did!

  • Nextum

    You people don’t seem to get it. OnePlus, Huawei, etc… these were brands that just a few years ago used to sell 50 dollar smartphones shipped from China. They all had horrible 2 star reviews on Amazon and nobody would buy those phones calling them “cheap Chinese junk”.

    Now that they slap on some pretty skins and metal edges and decide to run Cyanogen mod they’re suddenly a quality company? No. They’re still manufacturing the same junk phones from the same junk factories. Stick with established companies that have been in the smartphone flagship business for years. LG, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, etc.

  • disqus_ngN8LvnKsw

    How bad? Bad is probably an understatement for this. One of my support ticket took 6 months.. yes 6 months to get resolved. And when I sent the phone for repair (within warranty) they could not update anything on receipt, fix or delviery of the phone. Only when I recevied the phone back after more than month I got to know they replaced some part. And guess what My phone is not working again.. still in warranty.

    These support issues in addition to the crappy camera, poor network receipt etc.

  • T

    Good Morning. I place a payment for One Plus 3 Order number: OPS0299143***** The first time (20 of July) I had an error in the payment. I tried again and had the information that I didn’t payed the phone in the site. At the same time I received the receipt of the order I went to see the bank, and there was less 399 euros, and the order 3 hous later disappeared. The money returned, without any answer from company in the ticket number 669*** in Friday, 22 de July and after talking with 11 assistents of the live chat. I went to order the phone, and I order it in the same day, with the order Order Number: OPS0299143******. In the Saturday I went to ATM to withdraw money, what was my amazent when I see that I have negative balance, again, and for the 12nd time I went to talk to chat, for two times, and they said to me the answer that I received since the begging… There was no order, and the company didn’t take the money, and the money was only in accounting balance, and soon It will return and I was in hurry to contact the bank (Yes, because I don’t even money to eat, because take 399 it’s a lot of different of taking me 798 of account). I did contact the bank , after, and only after seen that that the money that I had missing of my bank account was not in account balance, but in the movements… and taken by one plus company. In the attachements I send them all the proofs, and I am truly dissapointed with all the false information that was given in the live chat, and for trusting their saying. I want my money back the soon the better, because as I said, I don’t have money to eat.

  • AntiTruffa

    the infamous OnePlus customer care…coming close to a scam site nowadays. I suggest not buying until they are able to provide a better service and possibly refund the hundreds of ripped off customers.

  • Emilio Venezia

    Don’t ever buy ‪#‎oneplus‬ ‪#‎phone‬! I paid €452 and I never received the phone! No refund! No answers! Read my story on reddit

  • James Keck

    I have never experienced such horrendous customer service in my entire life ( I’m 61) as One Plus. I bought a One Plus 3, which for some reason doesn’t work well with T mobile. I keep getting lots of dropped calls and/or ‘i can hear them but they cant hear me’ calls. I did everything i could through both T Mobile and One Plus tech service, but it was decided that i should return the phone for full credit. It has been a week,,with multiple phone calls and emails going back and forth every day, and i have yet to receive the RMA return shipping label. Everything these people do takes ‘3 – 5 business days’. I’ve heard that phrase along with ‘I’m so sorry” so many times i want to puke. Stop being sorry and DO SOMETHING.
    A word to the wise. DO NOT buy from One Plus unless you are 1000% positive you will never need customer service in any way, shape or form

    • Sylvain Charette

      i’m in the same situation. i’m fightings with them to get a shipping label since august 3. (my back camera stopped working on my oneplus3)

  • Miguel Costa

    i do agree their website and customer care is just crap.
    i also have a feeling the actual hardware is shit, at least I have a lot of connectivity problems since the beginning but they always try to convince the problem is with the software.
    I know other people that do not have problems but to be honest i’ll never buy from them again.
    also it does seem to be a very swing and miss with them.

  • Kaushik G

    Hi everyone,
    So i sent my one plus X for servicing.. It took some time for them to send me the label and everything, but I had all that. Then they said the phone is not covered under warranty and that all that. I tried to prove that it is but they did not listen. Eventually I just requested to send my phone back. This was over 50 days ago. Till date, I am waiting for them to send the phone back. It works. It had some sort of problem with the panel coming out so I wanted to get it fixed. Anyway, i have posted about this on twitter, facebook and been calling and mailing them.

    They keep telling htey will send it back but nothign happens.
    I have lost a good working phone by sending it to these people. They can instead just say we dont have aservice for the phone. Buy and if something happens, its on you.

  • Kiera Chapman


    About a month ago, I started to have problems with my phone, which is a OnePlus Two. It would make and receive calls, but there was no volume on the headset – I had to use the speaker to be able to hear. Also, the bluetooth and wifi failed. Apart from this, the phone was functional – I could still get data, use apps, and make calls via the speaker.

    It’s only 6 months old and still in warranty, so I got in touch with the company. After 2 sessions of online support, lasting 7 hours (!!) in total, they told me to send them the phone for repair.

    I’ve now been without it for over 2 weeks. I just got an invoice saying I need to pay £167 to fix it. (£167!! The phone originally cost £260). They claim that it is “water damage”. However, hand on heart, I can say that the phone has NEVER been wet. It’s not been submerged, it’s not been splashed, it’s not even been out in the rain. Hell, it’s not even been exposed to a wet wipe.

    What do I do? How can I prove that I didn’t damage the phone (I swear to God I didn’t)?

    Meanwhile, I have no phone and it’s starting to be really inconvenient!

    • V.Agius

      I fully agree with you Kiera. I also have sent my OP2 for repair in Poland and never got any update since 5th January !!! I always get the same old crap emails from OP saying that soon I will get an update !!! Update my foot !!! I am losing faiththat I will ever see my OP2 again… in anycase, good riddance

  • Ed Rockwell

    OMG! I’m on day 81 with OnePlus support and my phone has been sent in 4 times. It’s original problem over 150 days ago has never been fixed. The phone is at their service center now. They say that there are no problems with the device. This company’s support is by far the WORST I’ve seen EVER. Here is my Reddit post about it:

    They SUCK!!!

    I’m calling Visa and the BBB on them. I’m going to try and get my money back.