Yezz Andy 5T Review: It’s Packed with Value

Yezz Andy 5T Review: It’s Packed with Value

By Rich W Woods

It has been a couple weeks since I published my review of the Yezz Billy 4.7, titled It Fills a Hole Left by Lumia. Now, it’s time to finally write my review of the Yezz Andy 5T, which, like the Yezz Billy 4.7, delivers a tremendous amount of value for its price tag, the difference being that the Yezz Andy 5T, named after Andy Rubin, is powered by Android while the Yezz Billy 4.7, named after Bill Gates, is powered by Windows Phone.

Unboxing the Yezz Andy 5T was a pleasure. I had never even seen the device before. I was familiar with the Yezz Billy 4.7 from seeing it in Microsoft Stores, so I knew I would be getting a thin, light, and beautiful device. The Yezz Andy 5T had the same feeling. It has a fresh design, it’s super thin and light, and, like the Yezz Billy 4.7, comes with three removable backs and headphones.

Yezz Andy 5T: Specs

Processor 1.3 GHz Quad Core Mediatek MT6582
GPU Mali-400MP2
Display 5″, 720p, 294 ppi, IPS LCD
Body 144×69.7×6.9 mm, 123 g
Camera 13 MP, 4128×3096, 5 MP Front
Video 1080p – 30 fps, Front 720p – 30 fps
Storage 4 GB, Expandable to 128 GB
Battery 1800 mAh
Price $225.99

As you can see from the specs here, the Yez Andy 5T is super thin and light, which makes the phone a pleasure to use. People often underestimate how important a thin and light design is in a phone. They underestimate how important it is for a phone to feel comfortable in their pocket, as well as in their hand.

The Yezz Andy 5T also has a beautiful HD display. At 5″ and 720p, we have 294 ppi, which is a really solid pixel density for the $225.99 price tag.

Yezz Andy 5T: Preinstalled Apps

The Yezz Andy 5T is not without its share of preinstalled apps, and some of them are really interesting. We have a suite of Amazon apps preinstalled, including Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Music, and, for the very first time I’m seeing on a Google Play Android device, the Amazon Appstore.

It also comes with the settings to allow apps from sources other than the Google Play Store already checked, also the first I’ve seen this; however, if it wasn’t checked, we would have an issue with the amazon Appstore.

We also have a number of other apps that would probably be better for a child if this is his first smart phone, such as Kingdoms and Lords, Puzzle Pets, Real Football 2015, and Spider-Man: Ultimate Power.

Other preinstalled apps include Whatsapp, Skype, Quickoffice, and some handy Yezz apps, such as Flashlight.

Yezz Andy 5T: Camera

The Yezz Andy 5T has high resolution cameras both in the front and rear, which is really the selling point of this device, as a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera is extremely rare in a $225 device.

The Camera app actually has some really cool features as well. Along with HDR and a Face Beauty mode, there’s a live photo mode, a feature that I had previously only seen in Windows Phones. Live photos record about a second or so of video to turn the photo into a living image. It’s a really great feature, as it allows the user to capture an actual moment.

The Camera app also allows the user to control exposure, color effect, scenes, white balance, and has anti-flicker settings. Image property settings allow three settings (low, medium, and high) for sharpness, hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast.

For the purposes of reviewing the device, I used default auto settings for the camera, but as you can see from the settings Iisted, even if you don’t like what you see here, there’s plenty more ways to take a picture with the Yezz Andy 5T.

Please note that in order to enlarge the image, simply click or tap it. To view the full size image, there is a link in the carousel.

As you can see, we have a pretty capable camera. I actually had to take this one out on a second round of photo taking. This is because the tap to focus function on the camera takes a little getting used to. As you can see though, once you get the hand of it, it works pretty well.

We also have a 5 MP front camera, which is really the perfect resolution for a front camera. After all, a selfie really doesn’t need as much cropping as a rear camera photo does; however, with 5 MP, you still have room to do a little cropping if you do need to.

The Yezz Andy 5T also records 1080p video. I made a bit of a mistake when I recorded my sample. The Camera app doesn’t tell you the resolution it’s recording at, so when I saw that the default was set to high, I left it. I didn’t realize until later that there was a Fine setting. Because of this, the video is recorded at 720p at 30 fps.

Yezz Andy 5T: Benchmarks

I really don’t like doing benchmarks. They so rarely provide any insight into real world usage of a device, so I always take benchmark results with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why benchmarks exist. They’re the best tool we have for putting the performance of a device on paper.

The first is a battery test done in Geekbench 3. Battery life might also be the big selling point of the Yezz Andy 5T, as you’re about to see. Geekbench 3 allows the user to run two different battery tests, one with the screen dimmed and one without. The one on the left is with a full lit screen and the one on the right is dimmed.

Yezz Andy 5T Battery

Over six hours of SoT (screen on time) is pretty damn awesome. Let’s look at a Geekbench 3 and AnTuTu test.

Yezz Andy 5T Bench


Yezz Andy 5T: Conclusion

When reviewing budget devices (budget being defined as under $300), the idea is to decide if the consumer is getting a good amount of value for the money he’s ponying up for the product.

The Yezz Andy 5T packs a hell of a lot of value. It has high resolution cameras and long lasting battery life. It’s super thin, light, and elegantly designed.

When one looks at a budget friendly device, the phrase “well, they had to cut costs somewhere” often comes into play. For example, when a $100 phone doesn’t have a front camera, we say “well, they had to cut costs somewhere”.

This is why I’m so amazed when a phone like this comes with extra goodies, such as three removable backs and a pair of headphones. They didn’t have to include these things, but they do. Personally, I love phones that come with multiple removable backs. It adds a degree of customization. For example, I don’t use cases on my phones anymore, but when I did, I had dozens of cases that I would change up every day according to mood. With different removable backs, you get that same personalized effect without making your phone look like a brick.

The Yezz Andy 5T is perfect for folks with a number of use cases. It’s great for those on a budget. It’s also fantastic if you’re buying your child their first smart phone. There are preloaded games, it doesn’t have to be charged often, and it has a full featured camera, all at a low price.


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