OnePlus One: CM12 vs ColorOS Comparison

OnePlus One: CM12 vs ColorOS Comparison

By Rich W Woods

I’m going to be completely honest. These last couple weeks have been exhausting for me, and the comparisons I’ve done with the OnePlus One haven’t helped.

First, it was OnePlus One users asking me to compare the OnePlus One to other camera apps, such as CameraNextMod and ColorOS Camera. The results were nothing spectacular, so I looked forward to OxygenOS, which would bring all new firmware to the device.

Once OxygenOS finally came, I compared it to the iPhone 6, which is by now my control group for all of the changes in software and firmware on the OnePlus One. Next was the task of comparing the stock Google Camera app on OxygenOS to the ColorOS Camera app as well as CameraNextMod. CameraNextMod on OxygenOS seems to be the best results to date.

Next up is CM12. I compared it to the iPhone 6, which is my control group. Next up is to compare the CM Camera on CM12 to the ColorOS Camera on CM12.

OnePlus One: CM12 vs ColorOS Camera: Rear Camera

These apps need no introduction at this point. Let’s dive into some samples.

Please note that in order to enlarge the images, simply click or tap them. To view the full size images, there is a link in the gallery.

Oddly enough, it appears that both camera apps outperform the other in certain photos. This might be the first time that I conclude that the ColorOS Camera app actually outperforms the stock camera. It didn’t work out that way when I compared the CM11 Camera to ColorOS Camera. My conclusion was that ColorOS had a subpar camera app, at least running on CyanogenMod.

This is a bit of a rough conclusion to make right now, but I want to say that camera performance has degraded since CM11 05Q. When I compared CM11 05Q to the iPhone 6, I felt that it was much closer to on par with the iPhone 6 than when I compared CM12 to the iPhone 6.

OnePlus One: CM12 vs ColorOS Camera: Front Camera

I’ve been saying that the OnePlus One has the best front camera on the market for some time; however, I only see those results when it comes to the Cyanogen Camera app. Other apps look good, but not quite as good. Let’s see how it does with CM12 now against ColorOS.

The same thing when I compared the Google Camera app to ColorOS in OxygenOS. ColorOS reverses the photo. Weird. Either way, it’s close, but CM Camera wins the front camera.


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