Halo: Spartan Strike: Differences between iOS and Windows

Halo: Spartan Strike: Differences between iOS and Windows

By Rich W Woods

I was super excited when I heard that Halo: Spartan Strike was released. I was excited when it was announced and disappointed when it was delayed. I was even more excited when I saw that it was available on both iOS and Windows.

When deciding whether to buy the Windows version or the iOS version, someone on Google+ gave me the answer. Buy them both and compare them. It’s a good thing I did, because there are some pros and cons to each version. Check it out.

Also, I should note that the video quality here isn’t the best. Normally, I use an iPhone 6 to record a video. If I’m using the iPhone 6 in the video, I use a Nokia Lumia Icon, as it now records 4K video. Since both the iPhone 6 and Nokia Lumia Icon were used in this video, I ended up using the Amazon Fire Phone, which didn’t come out fantastic.

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