OnePlus One: Cyanogen vs CameraNextMod Comparison

OnePlus One: Cyanogen vs CameraNextMod Comparison

By Rich W Woods

As many of you know, I have been on a quest to find the perfect picture taken with the OnePlus One. We know it has great hardware. In fact, it’s the same as the Nexus 6. The problem is that the photos tend to look washed out. CM11 05Q was a massive improvement, but it’s still not quite there.

My first inclination was to use Google Camera. After all, the Nexus 6 uses it and it takes beautiful photos. It didn’t work. I came to the conclusion that it was not the hardware nor the software, but the firmware, something that no app is going to fix (but OxygenOS might!). I was told to try FV-5. Nothing. I was told to try CameraNext. Nothing. And before you comment, no, CameraNext is not the stock Camera app on Cyanogen. Download it from the Play Store and find out.

As it turns out, I was mistaken. It’s not CameraNext that I was supposed to test, it’s CameraNextMod. CameraNextMod, unlike CameraNext, is very similar to the stock Camera app, but with more features.

As with all camera comparisons, I use default automatic settings to take pictures. I stand by my word that this is something that a smart phone camera should be able to do.

Unlike other camera comparisons, I’m not going to go over specs. Also, I’m not going to go over the front camera or low light capabilities, as this is fine with the stock Camera app. In fact, I would go so far as to say the front camera on the OnePlus One is the best on the market.

Finally, if this fails, ColorOS is next. Fuck it, even if it doesn’t fail, ColorOS Camera is next. I would also note, before people comment, to enlarge the photos, simply click or tap them. To view the full size image, there is a link in the carousel.

Cyanogen Camera CameraNextMod

Ok, these two camera apps use the exact same algorithm. I just wasted the last hour of my life putting this together.

I would also note that the photos do look great and the problem of washed out photos is not nearly as bad as it used to be. You can see it a bit in the ninth and tenth photos from the bottom. It helps to put them side by side with a third party phone, such as the iPhone 6, but that’s not the scope of this column. The scope of this column is to compare the Cyanogen Camera app to CameraNextMod.

Coming this week will be a comparison of the Cyanogen Camera app and the ColorOS Camera app. Next week, we’ll see what the OxygenOS Camera firmware has to offer.


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  • Arman

    They look pretty close but CAMERANEXTMOD has an edge and better in details.

  • rex

    Colour looks best in cameranext mod. The dev has done hard work. Cm stovk camera app makes tha images look dull and sharpened.

  • rex

    and again yours comaparison rocks broda. Nice stills and locations. Cheers!!!!

  • stevenswall

    One thing to note is that one can get up to around 9MB if the quality is set at 100% on CameraNextMod v22, and that many power users will flash a different HAL if they are using the ColorOS camera. In this case, it would be interesting to see if a 9MB image had less compression artifacts compared to the typical 2.5-3.5MB images produced by CameraNext. Additionally: Why are we saving in JPG anymore! I want .PNG to be standard!