Microsoft is Not Killing Internet Explorer

Microsoft is Not Killing Internet Explorer

By Rich W Woods

We have been hearing for some time that Microsoft was working on a new browser to replace Internet Explorer. They made it official in January, showing off Project Spartan.

When they announced Project Spartan, they also said that Internet Explorer would still be around, just in case some businesses were trying to load web sites that might not load correctly in Spartan. After all, Windows has over one and a half billion users. It’s tough to say that a brand new web browser is going to work for everybody.

At Microsoft Convergence, Microsoft said that they would be largely killing off the Internet Explorer brand. Largely killing off does not mean killing off. It means Internet Explorer will, for the most part, be in a coma. Not dead.

This is a smart move by Microsoft. Windows 8 was widely criticized for having two browsers, both named Internet Explorer. The idea of Windows 10 shipping with two browsers is just as bad.

Here is what I would expect, and obviously this is not confirmed. I would expect that users will open a web page in Spartan and will be able to access a drop down menu, by right clicking or from a hamburger menu, and select an “Open in Internet Explorer” option.

We also know that Spartan uses the same rendering engines as Internet Explorer, so most likely, there will be no compatibility issues between Spartan and Internet Explorer.

Let’s face it. The Internet Explorer brand is damaged. Most people use Chrome these days, even though Internet Explorer is the better browser. This is because it wasn’t always that way. Internet Explorer has historically been terrible, not supporting many web standards in favor of Microsoft’s own proprietary standards.

Slapping a new front end on top of Internet Explorer is a good idea, but it doesn’t mean Internet Explorer is dead. Today’s news only means what we already knew, Internet Explorer is not going to be an obvious part of Windows 10.

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