Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Nokia Lumia 635 Camera Comparison

Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Nokia Lumia 635 Camera Comparison

By Rich W Woods

My process for putting the Microsoft Lumia 535 through its rounds by comparing it to different phones got thrown through a hoop when Microsoft asked for the Nokia Lumia 830 back. I had to compare it to the 830 early. I’m back on track. I compared it to the Nokia Lumia 530 and when I proved that the Lumia 535 is superior, I compared it to the Nokia Lumia 520. Now, it’s time to compare the Microsoft Lumia 535 to the Nokia Lumia 635.

The Microsoft Lumia 535 is Microsoft’s first Lumia since dropping the Nokia brand after Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services division. The Microsoft Lumia 535 has some camera features that the Nokia Lumia 635 but the Lumia 635 has a better processor than the Lumia 535 does, so we’ll get into that in a bit.

Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Nokia Lumia 635: Specs

Microsoft Lumia 535 Nokia Lumia 635
Processor 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400
GPU Adreno 302 Adreno 305
Display 5″, 540×960, 220 ppi, LCD 4.5″, 480p, 221 ppi, LCD
Body 140.2×72.4×8.8 mm, 146 g 129.5×66.7×9.2 mm, 134 g
Camera 5 MP, 2592×1936, 5 MP Front 5 MP, 2592×1944
Video 480p – 30 fps, Front 480p – 30 fps 720p – 30 fps
Aperture f/2.4 f/2.4
Focal Length 28 mm 28 mm
Camera Sensor Size 1/4″ 1/4″
Storage 8 GB, Expandable to 128 GB 8 GB, Expandable to 128 GB
RAM 1 GB 512 MB
Battery 1905 mAh 1830 mAh
Price ~$140 ~$99

There is something that you should understand about the prices of these phones. When Microsoft comes out with a new low end device, it starts at around $150 and then drastically lowers. The Microsoft Lumia 535 is newer, but expect it to drop in price soon enough.

The pixel densities of these two devices are almost identical; however, the Nokia Lumia 635 has a smaller display and therefore a lower resolution, which is powered by a more powerful GPU, the Adreno 305. Of course, the Microsoft Lumia 535 has twice as much RAM, so we’ll call it even.

Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Nokia Lumia 635: Benchmarks

I am not a fan of benchmarks as they rarely provide any insight into real world usage of the device. Typically they only provide ammo for trolls that have created an “Apple vs Android” war in their heads. Nevertheless, readers have requested them, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to include screenshots of benchmarks.

Geekbench isn’t available on Windows Phone and GFXBench always crashes, so all I have is AnTuTu. The first column is the Microsoft Lumia 535 and the second is the Nokia Lumia 635.

Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Nokia Lumia 635: Camera

I can’t seem to find what camera sensor each camera uses but they do have identical specs and they are used in the same line of low end phones, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they use the exact same sensor.

There is a difference between software in these two devices. The Microsoft Lumia 535 ships with Lumia Denim, the firmware update that came bundled with Windows Phone 8.1.1. The Nokia Lumia 635 is still on Lumia Cyan, the firmware update bundled with Windows Phone 8.1. It might not seem like a big difference, and you wouldn’t notice it with either device on its own, but you might when they’re side by side.

Please note that in order to enlarge an image, simply click or tap it. To view the full size image, there is a link in the gallery. Also, I realize that not all images are perfect. The idea is to give you an idea of what you would get if you took one of these phones out and snapped a bunch of pictures. It’s to create an idea of real world usage.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Nokia Lumia 635

While both cameras have the same exact specs and similar software, they are not the same. I am not going to say that the photos taken with the Microsoft Lumia 535 look washed out, but they do in comparison to the photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 635.

That last photo at the end was taken with the Microsoft Lumia 535, which has a flash while the Nokia Lumia 635 does not. It’s not much of a flash, it’s a single LED. Still, it’s better than what the Nokia Lumia 635 has.

The Microsoft Lumia 535 also has a 5 MP front camera, where the Nokia Lumia 635 does not.

Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Nokia Lumia 635: Video

I call it the Nokia trade-off. You can get a phone with one feature or you can get another phone with another feature, but you can’t get one phone with both features. For example, the Microsoft Lumia has a rear camera with a flash, a front camera, more RAM, but it only records 480p video while the Lumia 635 records 720p. Even the Lumia 520 recorded 720p.

Personally, I believe that it’s a limitation of the Snapdragon 200 processor. After all, if it was resolution alone, both of these bad boys would be recording 1080p.

Microsoft Lumia 535 480p 30 fps

Nokia Lumia 635 720p 30 fps

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Vote in the poll and let the world know what you think. Think I’m an idiot? Let me know in the comments!


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