Do we Really Believe that North Korea Hacked Sony?

Do we Really Believe that North Korea Hacked Sony?

By Rich W Woods

As Americans, we’re told who the bad guys are. Everybody knows that people such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are the villains of this world we live in. They are the living embodiment of evil, right?

Are they though? After all, there is only one simple reason that we believe such things: we have been told such things. It’s very easy to believe a story about somewhere halfway around the world. A place where you have never been and never will be.

When the Sony hack happened last month, Sony employees were reduced to using a pen and paper to get work done. The hack was reported as being one of the most advanced and thorough hacks that the world had ever seen.

NOTE: Pens and paper are ancient tools that people used to use to write before there were computers. Think of a pen as the stylus that comes with your Surface Pro 3 or your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 except with ink. Think of paper as the screen that you write on with that stylus.

The hack was reported as being one of the most advanced and thorough hacks the world had ever seen

We have all heard that the G.O.P. (Guardians of Peace) are the group that took responsibility for the attack. We have all heard that they threatened an attack of 9/11 proportions if the movie The Interview was released. So what really happened? After all, it’s not like anyone is going to fly a plane into every movie theater in the country.

The hackers have stated that it’s not money that they are after, but equality. They said, “We want equality. Sony doesn’t. It’s an upward battle.” The Sony hacks could very well be a bunch of pissed off ex-employees. After all, all it might take is a few passwords that didn’t get changed to get in. So how did we come to the conclusion that North Korea is behind the attacks?

Well, it started with The Interview. The Interview is a movie that Sony was making where James Franco and Seth Rogan have to kill the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Once news broke of the attack, the media immediately jumped to conclusions that North Korea launched the attack as a response to the movie.

We want equality. Sony doesn’t. It’s an uphill battle.

It was only after the media response that the G.O.P. started making threats. It’s important to remember that these threats didn’t happen until the media jumped to the conclusion that North Korea was behind the attack.

So let’s put ourselves in the hackers position for a moment, shall we? Let’s say you were a pissed off ex-employee of Sony’s and you figured out a way to get all of the data from their systems and you pulled off the job. Suddenly, it’s big news and you’re scared you’re going to get caught. Now, you see a way out when the media starts assuming it’s North Korea, so you start making threats about The Interview.

After all, it’s so believable, right? Those crazy, evil, terrorist, fascist North Koreans brought an entire company to their knees because they made a movie that depicted their heralded leader as being killed. It just fits right into the picture that has been painted for us about who and what North Korea is.

It was only after the media response that North Korea started making threats

Now, the FBI has come out confirming that is was, in fact, North Korea that attacked Sony Pictures. Apparently they have managed to trace back their IP addresses to North Korea. Now, I want to say something about this. I can change my IP address through a VPN at the click of a button. Simply by opening an app, I can be in England or Singapore.

Of course, mine is just a simple VPN. I’m sure the FBI could crack that if they wanted to; however, this is one of the most advanced hacks in the history of the world. Do we really believe that they just happened to leave their IP address behind by mistake? Could it not have just as easily be someone trying to set themselves up as North Korea?

I’m not claiming that this is a conspiracy. I’m not making the claim that the Illuminati hacked Sony because of the New World Order. All I’m saying is that these are the questions that we need to ask. It’s important when something like this happens that we ask “Why?” or “How?” and most importantly, “Why should I believe you?”

The evidence has not been presented to the court of public opinion. It is simply because the FBI said so.

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