HTC One M8 vs HTC Re Camera Comparison

HTC One M8 vs HTC Re Camera Comparison

By Rich W Woods

Last month at HTC’s Double Exposure event, HTC announced a “remarkable camera that we call Re”. The HTC Re looks a lot like a periscope. It’s designed to be an action camera. Something like a Go Pro but for everyday use.

The HTC Re has a 16 MP sensor and it takes 1080p video and it is remarkable simple to use. In fact, it doesn’t even have a power switch. It simply has a sensor that can tell when the user is holding it. There is no viewfinder unless it is connected to an app, which is a bit confusing because if I’m connected to a smart phone app I’m using my smart phone camera.

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Before I write up a full review on something, I try to compare the camera to competing cameras. The scope of this column will be to compare the HTC Re to the camera on the HTC One M8.

While the HTC Re uses a 16 MP sensor, the HTC One M8 uses a 4 MP sensor. The HTC One M8 uses HTC’s ultrapixel technology. It super saturates the pixels making the colors look more vibrant. The HTC Re also has a bigger sensor than the HTC One M8, coming in at 1/2.3″ while the HTC One M8’s sensor comes in at 1/3″, so we can expect better low light performance from the HTC Re.

This is my first comparison with the HTC Re and I don’t really know what to expect so let’s just look at some samples.

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As we can see from the samples, the HTC Re doesn’t do a very good job of anything. Even though the HTC Re has a larger sensor, it still has poor nighttime performance. Although the photos were taken from the same distance, the HTC Re gets a lot more of the landscape.  This can be good for a camera without a viewfinder. 16 MP gives the user a lot of room to crop.

The biggest problem with the HTC Re is its inability to focus. I was expecting better autofocus capabilities since it doesn’t have a tap to focus or a manual focus, even when it is using the app as a viewfinder. It’s also not very easy to use the app as a viewfinder. The HTC Re uses Wi-Fi to connect instead of Bluetooth like everything else does, so the user has to attempt to connect to the HTC Re through the app, then go to his phone settings to switch to the HTC Re’s Wi-Fi network.

Being the first camera comparison with the HTC Re, I’m not impressed. Let me know what you think. Vote in the poll and let me know which camera you think is better. Think I’m an idiot? Let me know in the comments!

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