The Stylus for the Dell Venue 8 Pro is Finally Available

By Rich Woods

After owning the Dell Venue 8 Pro for a month and a half and checking Dell’s web site every single day, the active stylus is finally available. I had originally promised that I would wait to write my review until I got it but I started to doubt whether it would ever be available.

It is finally here and I have ordered it. Hopefully I’ll have it soon and I will be sure to give it a full review.

There were a few issues with the touchscreen on the Venue 8 Pro which I managed to work around with the Bluetooth keyboard and a micro-USB to USB adapter that I hooked up a mouse to which essentially turned it into a little computer. Also, the firmware updates and the BIOS updates that Dell released helped quite a bit.

Halo: Spartan Assault still doesn’t work but that’s on Microsoft to fix that.


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  • RealGis

    it says “Usually Ships 3-5 Weeks”, are you sure they’re available?

    • Well I honestly can’t tell you for sure until it arrives but it had said temporarily unavailable for two months until yesterday and they did send me an order confirmation.

      My advice is to order it and get next day shipping. When I ordered it all of the shipping options were free. If you find it somewhere else while you’re waiting for it to ship, you can always cancel your order, otherwise you can rest easy knowing that the search is finally over. 🙂

    • I got my shipping notification. It should arrive on Monday. Looks like Dell’s web site is sold out again. Hope you ordered it in time 🙂

      • RealGis

        I didn’t order. With competitors releasing theirs with Wacom, I prefer to wait and compare. Do you like the new stylus? How does it compare to the old one? I’m eying the Asus Vivonote 8, but still way more expensive than the Dell. Heard of the Nokia 2020 coming soon as well with a stylus …

        • I actually just received it this morning. After I get a chance to test it, I will post a full review. As far as competing tablets, I’ve heard that the Asus was pretty bad. I haven’t heard anything about a Nokia 2020, especially one that supports a stylus considering that Nokia’s current tablet – the Lumia 2520 – runs Windows RT, which doesn’t have stylus support. They would have to make one that runs “full windows”.

      • RealGis

        Check this out, Nokia 2020 rumors. It is supposed to have a stylus as well:

        For an 8″ device I wouldn’t mind running WinRT as I don’t see myself running standard windows desktop apps on such a small screen. For now the Dell is my favorite though … 🙂

        • It would be the first ARM based Windows device to support a stylus. I’m not saying that Nokia can’t do it, but I think that if they could then Microsoft would have done it with the Surface 2.

          Other than the lack of stylus support, I love Windows RT. Seriously, what desktop apps are you missing? Chrome? iTunes? These are both apps that are designed to take you off of the Windows platform. Windows RT is essentially the OS that everyone demanded back in the “Mac vs. PC” days.

  • skaminski

    I had the same thing. All the shipping options were free. Estimate ship date is March 20th. I have mine ordered and hope it will get here sooner.

    • Mine shipped and should arrive on Monday. Hope you had the same luck 🙂